Régis di Côco

Blue Face

At first sight Régis di Côco’s paintings appear to be “simple” monochrome works. The stratification and richness of content are only revealed on closer inspection. In many places the paint has been applied thickly, in others the canvas shows through. This is one of the reasons one may feel tempted to touch the work. Matt sections alternate with glossy ones. The thickly applied areas and the transparent ones create the suggestion of depth, of a fore- and background, of a landscape perhaps. On some canvases, hidden between folds of paint, there is a tiny religion medallion with the iconic depiction of a saint. The relationship with religion is hereby established.

Matt and glossy symbolically become earthly and spiritual and also offer a possible explanation for why a number of works do not stand alone, but are part of a diptych or triptych.

The use of colours is striking. This goes from off-white to lurid blue, from reddish brown to dark green and black. These variations are not based on coincidence. They symbolically represent emotions (reddish), nature (earth and water), purification (sand colours).

In his depiction of the human figure there is a clear feeling that we as the spectator are under surveillance. The depicted figure seems to be on the move, although it can not get out of the canvas. The depicted human face is expressive, but at the same time intimate, dynamic and calm. Depictions of the human as the expression of human complexity.  It seems that the artist places no restraints on his feelings.

Régis Goncalves di Côco

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